Plexus Slim? What is that? Here's what I found!


Plexus Slim or the pink-drink is a powder, packaged in a small packet is an all-natural weight loss product when mixed with water has found to improve my health and assisted with my weight loss --- no fuss!  Want to read more about my experiences?  Click here!  

Before a meal such as breakfast, lunch or dinner I just mix the powder with 12-16 ounces water. My favorite way is to put it into a bottle of water and shake shake best, and sometimes only exercise of the day! Easy peasy --- drink the pink!  Before Plexus Slim I wanted to get on the road to good health...after drinking Plexus Slim I am now on that road by getting healthy and losing weight, eating good foods and beginning to exercise once again.   Want to read how Plexus Slim products have helped other folk's health?  Click here!

Plexus Slim

Testimonials (on our blog page and elsewhere) indicate that consuming Plexus Slim and related Plexus products may result in the following:

  • Some folks have found that Plexus Slim at first assists with losing weight or losing inches or both...and sometimes we have found that we lose one before the other but eventually (if we kept drinking the pink) we've lost both.  I'm not as concerned with my weight or inches - only in my health becoming better. However, here's Monique talking about her experiences with searching for a wedding dress and during a final fitting discovering she'd lost 4" in her chest, 3" in her waist and 2" in her chest!  Her dream wedding dress was originally 2 sizes too small but after using Plexus Slim products found her dress had to be altered down to fit her better!  Click here to see/hear Monique share her experience. 
  • My experience (and testimonials from others) with the pink drink is that my blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids (fats) are at healthy levels. Peggy Reed has lost 55 pounds and 6 pant sizes.  She is off her insulin medication for diabetes, her cholesterol dropped 32 points, triglycerides are at 129 and blood pressure is back to normal.  Click here to see/hear Peggy talk about her experiences with Plexus Slim products.
  • I have found that drinking pink has assisted me in curbing my desire for comfort foods. Why? Because the thought of chocolate (or whatever it is I think I want) just doesn't sound good when I think I want it....and I have forgotten about buying those high priced over rated junk food snacks and sugary or diet sodas. I'm finding I crave  healthy fruit and water!   
  • Even though we guarantee the products via a 60 day money back guarantee some folks decide it's working for them and we only will hear from them when it's time to get more "slim". We're learning to be more proactive with the supply side of this business and ask them if they need more products before waiting for them to ask. Why? There are those pink drinkers (not naming names) who will call or text in the middle of the night asking if we have any products on hand because they ran out and forgot to reorder.'s that good....   JoAnn Jenkins had to be careful with her money and yet she tried Plexus Slim products and not only has she lost over 44 inches, she is down from a size 28 pants to a size 14/16 in less than 8 months - and she's making money by sharing Plexus Slim products with others!  Listen to JoAnn's testimony by clicking here


Drinking Pink may result in having to purchase a smaller sized wardrobe!

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