Have your own business? Yes you can!

How can you have a great job and be your own boss?

Staying at home is at the top of every wish list.  Working from home is the second item on most wish lists.  There are many jobs out there today but what is your perfect one?  Do you share the following needs/desires?  

  • Not leave home to work
  • Work when it's convenient for me
  • Associate with people I know and like
  • Free training and support
  • Love the product for which I represent
  • No limits to the income I may receive
  • Compensation for my hard and valued work
  • No fulltime position - if I want
  • Know that I am helping others become healthy

The Plexus Opportunity from Plexus Worldwide on Vimeo

In representing Plexus products from Plexus Worldwide you can realize all of these and more!  You now have an easy, affordable way to get in on the ground floor of a remarkable and rewarding business.  As this is your business then you are able to build it and your income as little or as much as you'd like.  You can then either sell your business or your children may inherit!  This is one of the lowest cost products in which to get started --- and the steps couldn't be easier!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Become an Associate for $34.95.  This includes Annual Membership and you are provided a personal website for your customers to order products and stay updated on Plexus information.  It's already created for you with no upkeep required from you.  How easier can that be?   
  2. The real value for you is to upgrade from Associate to Ambassador by purchasing either of the welcome packages of products ($99 - $199).  These low cost packages are available only to those becoming an Ambassador but have a  retail value of over $200!  
  3. You can either use these products yourself or share with those friends/family or prospects for whom you are helping to get healthy. This is how you will generate income with profit sharing and how I will help you:
       - Create a roadmap for your success
       - Provide you helpful hints on using your website to grow your sales volume
       - Share latest health updates for what to drink, eat or apply to your body and how these impact health
  4. With free training and support offered by myself and the Plexus communities you are going to quickly realize how beneficial this product is.
  5. Become a recognized spokesperson in your community by educating others and helping them to improve their health and livelihood.  

I have taken advantage of Plexus Worldwide's goal to empower people and provide them with the opportunity to own their own profitable, rewarding and FUN business!  You can too!  

With a mission to promote good health everyone throughout the world, person-to-person I need your help!  Contact me today and let's talk about how you can contribute to the health of those you know and love. 

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Summary of Plexus Compensation Plan.

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