How's That Working for Ya! Mary Margaret Ferguson's Plexus Slim Experiences

You've read (and continue reading!) the blog article about my experiences with Plexus Slim products (  Now here's Mary Margaret Ferguson's experiences in using Plexus Slim!



This is what I am going to tell you that I KNOW personally about Plexus Slim. For those of you looking for a fast-with-many-pounds-off weight loss program, Plexus Slim may not be for you. Some have lost a lot of weight fast, but some of the rest of us have not. Some have lost a lot of weight over many months. 
Everybody’s chemical make-up is different! It all depends on your individual DESIRE and DECISION to get healthy and lose weight, however long it may take! Did you put on those extra pounds in a month? A year? Ten years? You have to get real about FAST weight loss when you have put on weight over years. You get it off fast, more than likely when you stop whatever you were doing to get the weight off, you will put it all back on (and more!) quickly!! 
I DO KNOW that Plexus Slim is THE best way to keep weight off. Once you lose the weight your body needs to lose, you can drink less of the “Pink Drink” and not lose any more weight, but KEEP it off! 
How many times have you said, “I would do ANYTHING to keep this weight off!” after you got down to where you wanted to be? Drinking 1 drink a day?? Hey, that sounds good to me, someone who has been down 70 pounds in the past and put it all back on within a 2-year period. 
What Plexus Slim DOES DO pretty quickly is get your blood sugar and cholesterol levels balanced. Also, Plexus Slim DOES curb your appetite and your cravings; as a result, this is where the weight loss comes in. 
I DO KNOW that I have more energy during the day and I can finally sleep all night. My indigestion is just about non-existent. I DO KNOW that I was taking 6 cholesterol pills a day, and now I take none! I have lost 2 pants/top sizes and lost 20 pounds since August of 2011. I was drinking 4-5 Diet Cokes a day; now I may drink 2 a week. 
Is Plexus Slim a success to me? You better believe it is! 
If you don’t PACE your lifestyle – 
P, take Plexus Slim (for more than a couple of months!)
A, control your Appetite
C, get Control of your life
E, Exercise
......NO plan is going to work! 
With that said, if you want to get healthy, see a little weight loss, have more energy and sleep all night, Plexus Slim IS DEFINITELY for you! 
As a footnote: If Plexus Slim alone is not working or did not work for you, your body is telling you that you need something else! Listen to your body. We have other products that I use that are AMAZING! Did you know that about 8 out of 10 people have Candida in their system?? You could be one of those. I was! ProBio5 was made for you. You may have messed your digestive system up with our Southern way of eating….duh!! BioCleanse may be for you. It was for me. Finally a product that does not keep you running to the bathroom!! Check all this out! It is well worth looking in to.
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