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Sep 11

UPDATED 11/18/2011 -> Shirley's Plexus Product Log

Shirley's Plexus Product Log


On the road visiting relatives and working remotely. Began drinking Plexus Slim powder. Weird taste but no big deal. Think it's the Stevia that's the weird taste.

Sep 10

Little Ways to Get Fit

When you are ready to begin exercising, here are tips from RealAge ( for getting fit.
You don't have to be a gym rat to get fit. Sometimes, all you have to do is mess around in the garden. Or putz around the yard. Or simply walk to the grocery store.

Scientists are finding that small increases in daily physical activities, even if they're small physical hobbies or chores, can actually do wonders for your long-term health.

Earn Your MPA
In a recent study of otherwise inactive -- and overweight -- Canadians, scientists discovered that the addition of just 30 cumulative minutes of sporadic, moderate physical activities (MPA) every day was linked to better cardiovascular fitness. The people in the study never actually set foot in a gym or worked out. Daily, they just added more activities that required getting a little physical, be it walks, climbing the stairs, or doing a random outdoor chore here and there

Ways to Get Active

You, too, can make a profound difference in your physical health just by making the simple choice to modestly boost your MPA. For example:

Sep 09

7 Ways to Find Time for Fitness

Now that you are on the road to good health, drinking Plexus Slim, taking the Accelerator and maybe even using Pro-Bio 5 and/or Bio Cleanse....let's address why you aren't working out!  You are now full of energy and positive let's see what Bill Phillips has to say about "Stop making excuses for why you don't workout"!

Bill  Phillips  May 6, 2008 

The reason it's so hard to get, and stay, in great shape is because we are all just so incredibly busy. We've got work, friends, family, etc.. Every single day there is so much to do -- so much going on! Obviously, those who are successful at transforming their health and maintaining good physical fitness have a lot less going on in their lives than we do, right?

Well, as much as we might like to believe a lack of time is what's preventing us from building a lean, strong, healthy, body, the truth is, that isn't the case. Believe it or not, people who are successful (and I mean remarkably successful in this endeavor) have exactly 24 hours in every day, just like you and I do.

Sep 08

Grab This Utensil to Eat Less

Although Plexus Slim contains natural appetite suppressants, here's a tip for ensuring you will eat less at a meal! 
No, it's not a single chopstick (although that would certainly work). It's a big fork.

In a recent study done at an Italian restaurant, researchers found that diners who used larger utensils ate less, surprisingly enough. The researchers believe that bigger forks somehow trick people's minds into thinking they've eaten more.

Size Matters
Meal sizes have grown over the past few decades, contributing to an obesity epidemic in the United States. In fact, Cornell University researchers recently found amusing proof of portion swelling when they compared the 1936 and the 2006 editions of that homemaking classic, Joy of Cooking. They found that the recipe for chicken gumbo went from 228 calories per serving in the 1936 version to 576 calories in the 2006 edition. Why? The editors simply had to jack up the portion sizes to meet our oversized modern-day appetites.
Forking It Over

So it's good to know there may be simple tactics you can take to help retrain your eyes for sensibly sized bites and servings. Such as choosing a bigger fork. This may help with the lag time between actual physical fullness and the moment that feeling is recognized by the brain. Your brain looks to external cues for additional satiety information -- like how much food is left on your plate. And in the study, using a bigger fork made bigger, more visible, more obvious dents in the loads of pasta on people's plate. Researchers speculate that may be why people ate less. The visual cues of the big dents made people think they'd eaten more than they actually had.
Two More Paths to a Smaller Meal

The researchers cautioned that, for now, these results only seemed to apply to big servings on large plates. But here are a couple of other things you can do to eat less, no matter what:

Sep 06


On tonight's opportunity call (9/6/2011) Brad and Mary gave their testimonies...and they are incredible!

Brad has multiple sclerosis and he had problems with tingling in his lower extremities.  He tried a 3 day pack of Plexus Slim with the Accelerator over 3 weeks ago and the first night he experienced NO tingling for the first time in many years.  The products made a huge difference for him but he ran out of the 3 days supply over a weekend and on the 4th day his tingling returned. On that next Monday he found someone product that he could use until his supply arrived.  With the product's success for his health issues he decided to begin representing it....and today (3 1/2 weeks later!) he and his wife are silver ambassadors!  Go Brad!

Mary lost her sister 3 years ago to diabetes and when she heard that Plexus Slim was created for diabetics she decided she wanted to help other diabetics so their families would not suffer a loss.  She began taking the products and ended up losing 40 pounds (thus far).  A surprising side effect for her was that her arthritis is 100 times better -- no more pain meds.  She is now sleeping better and enjoys exercising where she could not before.  She also suffered migraines 2-3 times per week and was unable to get out of bed.  She began taking Pro-Bio 5 two months ago and she has not experienced any migraines since!

The business tip tonight focused on Doug, a policeman from Poplarville, Mississippi.  He wanted to find a way to make extra money and diabetes is in his family so he thought this would be a good product line to become involved with.  He became an ambassador 4 months ago and today he has over 100 ambassadors!  His tips include to realize this is a business and approach it as such.  Only directly sell the product at retail price once to each person --- and encourage those who like the product to go online and sign up so that they can get the product at wholesale.  He also appreciates the incredible support he has received from corporate.   He checks in with his ambassadors and their sources daily.  He runs contests and awards the higher performing ambassadors.  He also started creating and holding his own weekly meetings for his ambassadors and anyone wanting to attend.  He is now holding 3 meetings per week (at night) and stresses that these meetings are key to all of his ambassador's success --- and encourages everyone to create meetings and hold them yourself if no one is available to come to  your town.  Start with having a few folks in your home and then move to a larger facility, if necessary.   Doug is convinced that these meetings are the best way to make the sales! 
Contact me if you would like more information about any of the products or how you, too can help others discover the value of these products!

Aug 31

This is Plexus Worldwide!

Aug 27

Plexus Slim- Peggy Testimonial

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When I was introduced to Plexus, I wanted to lose weight and I had diabetes.

Fast forward 6 months, and I’ve lost 51 lbs. and 5 pant sizes, I’m no longer on diabetes medicine, and I never had to start taking the blood pressure or cholesterol medicine that my doctors were planning on giving me.

Aug 26

Plexus Slim- Tim Testimonial

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Tim Shramek began taking Plexus Slim on a daily basis in May of 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. He has lost 75 pounds and is now at a comfortable weight, which he maintains with Plexus Slim.

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