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Jan 02

Plexus Success! #extra-income #plexusslim

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What is a Plexus Slim success? Richard has a great story! #healthgain #extraincome #plexusslim 

Richard's Story: 
Our Plexus journey started April 2012. It has been so amazing it is hard to put in words. I began at 305 lbs and 55" waist. At only 5'5" I was almost as big a round as I were tall. On 3 meds, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglyceride, pre-diabetic. ONLY 4 months on Plexus OFF cholesterol and Triglyceride meds and NO longer pre-diabetic. 8 months OFF blood press meds. 

My wife and I have lost 75 lbs together and I have lost 10" at waist. Feeling so much better about our future. Plexus has changed our life, health and wealth wise. In 18 months we have EARNED 2 FREE trips ( one was a cruise). Got to speak to 3200 ambassadors in New Orleans this year. VERY humbled to share our story and help others along the way. 

The financial freedom we are just getting a taste of is mind blowing. Paid off 2 car notes this year totaling $845 a month, Thank you Plexus. I recently have been able to go semi-part time at work. We have developed life long friendships with people all over the world since we started our journey. What an amazing opportunity with amazing people. Dream Big and see y'all at the TOP!!!!

Jul 03

Testimonials -> James from Jackson and Plexus Slim

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James from Jackson, MS talks about his experience with Plexus Slim -- you can experience it too!  Click Here to order yours today!

Jul 03

Testimonial -> Hazel from Alabama and Plexus Slim!

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Hazel from Alabama gives her Plexus Testimonial!  Like what you're hearing?  Click Here to order your Plexus Slim today! 


Apr 15

Testimonials -> Dana's Before and After 84 lbs loss

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Dana has had great success using the Plexus Slim products -- she has lost 84 pounds and is overcoming Crohn's disease.  Ready to give Plexus Slim a try and join those of us on the road to good health?  Click here...     =================================================

Apr 02

Testimonials -> New Before and After Picture Results

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Check out the newest results of Plexus Slim!  Ready to try it out?  Click Here to get started today!



Mar 27

Testimonial: Cheryl Lost Her Baby Fat!

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Read how Cheryl was able to lose her baby weight using Plexus Slim. 

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Mar 12

Testimonial -> Michelle and her 54 pounds!

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“Hi, my name is Michelle O. I’m from Lumberton, MS and I’m a full time student and an Ambassador for Plexus Slim. I was always a little over weight but it never bothered me really until I graduated from high school in 2009 and I was at about 200 pounds. Then as my freshman year of college approached I gained more weight and eventually I was at 233.  I also didn't sleep well at night. 

Feb 11

Testimonial -> Nurse Becky and her Plexus Slim Experiences!

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Another great testimony for Plexus Slim!  Ready to try now?

From Becky:

I began taking Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator in September. I love the taste (I
actually crave it first thing in the morning!) and I love the way I feel on the product.

My energy level is amazing. I also find that I sleep much better which was a big surprise for me (with other diet supplements I had suffered from insomnia). In three months I lost 15 pounds and 11 inches! Then I held my would I do during the holidays??? I maintained my weight without denying myself...I was in control of what I ate rather than the other way around. I honestly thought that there was no getting back to high school skinny...but with Plexus it is possible!

I also am amazed with the other products that Plexus offers. My 14 year old daughter suffered from IBS, this caused her to miss school and there didn't seem to be an easy fix. Over the counter GI products created additional problems. I started her on the BioCleanse and she is now symptom free!

My biggest surprise came from the ProBio5. I did the spit test and it was positive. I had no idea that systemic yeast could have such ill effects on our bodies including the inability to lose weight, migraines, indigestion and anxiety. I began taking the ProBio5... to my amazement I was no longer having headaches (I had been suffering from headaches daily for years) and regrading my anxiety I am no longer taking prescription medication. After 15 years I would have NEVER thought it possible to eliminate my prescription medication.

The positive effects of Plexus doesn't stop with the products. I began my Plexus journey as an ambassador. I had been an ambassador with Plexus when there were just breast health products and I was familiar with the high integrity of the company. It was an easy decision to for me re-sign with the intention of getting my products for wholesale and with the goal of selling enough to cover my product cost. Plexus is such an amazing opportunity that it hasn't stopped there. Due to the phenomenal products and stellar compensation plan I am now making extra money by just sharing my story. In a single income home my only opportunity to make additional money was to pick extra shifts at the hospital forcing me to take time away from my children. Not only have I been able to avoid working extra night shifts I am also getting ready to reduce my hours at the hospital!!!!

Thank you Plexus for changing my life!!!

Becky RN
Jan 30

Testimonial -> Milton Smith

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Listen as Milton shares his experiences with Plexus Slim



Jan 24

Testimonial - Traci M

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My name is Traci M. and I am an Ambassador from Northeast Louisiana. I started dieting and exercising in July in order to lose weight. By the end of September I had lost 25 pounds.  Unfortunately, I hit a Plateau and simply could not lose any more weight.


I started Plexus Slim during the month of October. By the first of December I was down 25 more pounds. This was with no special diet and no exercise!

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