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Become a Preferred Customer to receive immediate savings!
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Why be a Retail Customer?

You want to try a product so you're making a single purchase at a time.

So why should I consider becoming a Preferred Customer?

Getting a better price on purchases!  Here's how you can save money while getting healthy.  There is no cost to you to become a Preferred Customer and you can cancel your membership at any time!

What's the big deal about signing on as a Plexus Ambassador?  What does it cost and why would I want to do that?

You can easily become an Ambassador representing the Plexus line of products.  You'll also help those considering purchasing or who are already using the products to understand their benefits and also the ordering process. The entry cost to become an Ambassador is minimal:  $34.95 annual fee (for your web site),  purchasing a Welcome Pack for only $99.00 (other options are available) and committing to ordering a minimum $100 in products per month....that's it! What if you are a great representer and sell more than $100 per month?  Then your minimum purchase is made for the month and every purchase by you or folks from you will result in your being paid 15-25% on every sale! You may opt out of Plexus Ambassador at any time - easily and quickly!    Read below for Ambassador benefits and how you can become involved today!


Consider your goals in life and for your family.  We encourage you to move towards those goals and strive to achieve them.  If that includes earning additional income for you and your family or feeling fulfilled by helping others then know that you can do it!  Plexus products will help you to get there!

Join the thousands that have embarked on this journey towards success.  You too can become involved with cutting edge health products, an unlimited potential for opportunity and hands down the best compensation plan.  You will also realize the best corporate support  in the business and a high success rate.


Following is how Plexus will reward you for your hard work.  Here are some of the most common ways for you to earn compensation:

  • Retail commissions of 15%-25% on sales after reaching the minimum monthly $100.
  • Rewards for every new Ambassador you add by way of a Business Building Bonus.
  • Achievement bonuses are earned every time you move up in the ranks.
  • Accumulate Plexus Points for opportunities that enable you to create monthly residual income - every month!
  • Want to get to the top?  Great!  Be rewarded upon achieving Emerald or Diamond Ambassador status and realize Bonus Pools where you will receive shares of money based on a percentage of Plexus global sales.

* Health and nutrition products carry the highest return for your efforts. These cutting edge consumable products will be something people want month after month. Plexus makes weekly and monthly payouts to our Ambassadors. The best part is you are not responsible for a large inventory or delivering product. Plexus will take your orders through two personalized websites then fulfill that same order direct to the consumers’ door.  

Get Started

Education: Learn about our products and Compensation Plan. You will want to have a working knowledge of the unique Plexus products and business plan as well as how to present their solutions.

Use the products and generate retail sales: Become a product of your products. Use the Plexus products; that way you will know first hand what these amazing products can do. As you gain confidence and knowledge about your products it becomes easy to share them with others and generate retail sales.

Enroll: Bring on likeminded individuals who you want to work with in business. Earn from their volume and effort as your teams build businesses together. Your Sponsor and upline will be there to help along the way, just as you will learn to do for your downline. After all, each Plexus Ambassador has a vested interest in your success.

Plexus wants you to help spread our health mission by becoming an Ambassador today. Are you ready for financial freedom, the ability to work from home, being able to help others in your family and community, and being recognized for what you are worth? Then join this fun and unique business model where people just like you are making their dreams come true.

Join Plexus and become a health Ambassador


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